We have been awarded a Green Mark Tourism Certificate

We are proud to announce that Malvern Hills District Council has recognised our efforts and has awarded us a Green Mark Tourism Certificate (Nov 2023)


As the owners, we have long been concerned about climate change and sustainability and have worked to reduce the impact of running Cowleigh Park Farm, making many changes since acquiring the property in 2008. We continue to seek out ways in which to improve the efficiency and sustainability impact of our home and hospitality business and as green business champions support other green businesses whenever we can.


Use of a Green Energy Supplier for Electricity

Installation of a Biomass Boiler and use of wood pellets from an approved sustainable supplier

Use of boiler room to dry laundry minimising use of a tumble dryer

Use of low energy/LED light bulbs

Use of an electric bike to do local errands


Use of unpumped Malvern Spring Water as our only water supply

Dual Flush toilets to reduce water usage

No use of municipal water for watering garden etc


Composting of all vegetable matter

Purchase of food from bulk providers of food goods and use of refillable containers

No single use toiletries, bulk purchase of eco friendly products to go in refillable containers

Recycling of all glass, metal, plastic and cardboard containers

Purchase of milk in reusable glass bottles from local supplier


Organic methods used – no use of fertilizer

Set aside of ‘untidy areas’ of the garden for wildlife habitat

Bee and Bird friendly planting

Presence of water features, ponds and stream for wildlife habitat and drinking


Cowleigh Park Farm is within walking distance of two train stations and guests are also offered lifts on arrival and departure if they travel to Malvern by train or bus. Locked cycle storage is provided for those arriving by bike. The property is also very close to the Worcestershire Way long distance walking trail and many other public footpaths allowing access to the Malvern Hills and the town centre. The electrical supply to the property is not enough to allow for installation of a Fast EV charger however external electrical sockets have been installed for slow charging of electric vehicles.